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  • VaquitaVaquita : science, politics, and crime in the Sea of Cortez

    Bessesen, Brooke, author.

    "In 2006, the last of China's Yangtze river dolphins--baiji--succumbed to extinction, and la vaquita marina, a diminutive porpoise endemic to the Upper Gulf of California, quietly and without fanfare inherited the title of world's most endangered marine mammal. Unlike many other critically endangered species, the vaquita is not hunted. Nor is its habitat disappearing or degraded. The species is even protected by law. Why then have its numbers plummeted to near extinction when few humans have seen it live in the wild? The answer lies in a shadowy mix of international cartels, fishermen entrapped by politics and culture, and an unlikely fish called the totoaba. In this haunting story, Brooke Bessesen sets out to Mexico's Upper Gulf region to untangle the intricacies of the biology, acoustical science, and international intrigues behind the vaquita's decline. She interviews townspeople, fishermen, politicians, scientists, and activists, teasing apart a complex story filled with villains and heroes, a story whose outcome is unclear. When diplomatic and political efforts to save the little porpoise fail, Bessesen follows a team of veterinary experts in a binational effort to capture the last remaining vaquitas and breed them in captivity--the best hope for their survival"--

  • Mark Carwardine's guide to whale watching in North AmericaMark Carwardine's guide to whale watching in North America : USA, Canada, Mexico

    Carwardine, Mark, Whale watching in North America

    Covers all the main whale-watching locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico; rich with photography throughout, the book will also include sections on how to watch whales (including everything from identification to interpreting behavior), and a field-guide section covering all the whales, dolphins and porpoises that can be seen in North America. It includes some of the world's ultimate wildlife experiences: tickling friendly grey whales in Mexico's San Ignacio Lagoon, listening to a live concert of singing humpback whales in Hawaii, being surrounded by thousands of dolphins in Monterey Bay, kayaking with pods of Orca off Vancouver Island, snorkelling with Beluga in Hudson Bay, and many more.

  • Voices in the oceanVoices in the ocean : a journey into the wild and haunting world of dolphins

    Casey, Susan, 1962-, author.

    "While swimming off the coast of Maui, Susan Casey was surrounded by a pod of spinner dolphins. It was a profoundly transporting experience, and it inspired her to embark on a two-year global adventure to explore the nature of these remarkable beings and their complex relationship to humanity. Casey examines the career of the controversial John Lilly, the pioneer of modern dolphin studies whose work eventually led him down some very strange paths. She visits a community in Hawaii whose adherents believe dolphins are the key to spiritual enlightenment, travels to Ireland, where a dolphin named as "the world's most loyal animal" has delighted tourists and locals for decades with his friendly antics, and consults with the world's leading marine researchers, whose sense of wonder inspired by the dolphins they study increases the more they discover. Yet there is a dark side to our relationship with dolphins. They are the stars of a global multibillion-dollar captivity industry, whose money has fueled a sinister and lucrative trade in which dolphins are captured violently, then shipped and kept in brutal conditions. Casey's investigation into this cruel underground takes her to the harrowing epicenter of the trade in the Solomon Islands, and to the Japanese town of Taiji, made famous by the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, where she chronicles the annual slaughter and sale of dolphins in its narrow bay. Casey ends her narrative on the island of Crete, where millennia-old frescoes and artwork document the great Minoan civilization, a culture which lived in harmony with dolphins, and whose example shows the way to a more enlightened coexistence with the natural world" --

  • The Sibley guide to birdsThe Sibley guide to birds

    Sibley, David, 1961-

  • War of the whalesWar of the whales : a true story

    Horwitz, Joshua, author.

    "The tale of a crusading attorney who stumbles on one of the U.S. Navy's best-kept secrets: a submarine detection system that floods entire ocean basins with high-intensity sound--and drives whales onto beaches. As Joel Reynolds launches a legal fight to expose and challenge the Navy program, marine biologist Ken Balcomb witnesses a mysterious mass stranding of whales near his research station in the Bahamas. Investigating this calamity, Balcomb is forced to choose between his conscience and an oath of secrecy he swore to the Navy in his youth"--

  • Gray WhalesGray Whales : My Twenty Years of Discovery

    Keith E. Jones.

  • Whales and SealsWhales and Seals : Biology and Ecology

    Fontaine, Pierre-Henry.

  • WhalesWhales : touching the mystery / (2006)

    Thompson, Doug, 1947-

    This book and DVD offer hope for the future of the whales - and for all of us.

  • Whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals of the worldWhales, dolphins, and other marine mammals of the world

    Shirihai, Hadoram.

  • WhaleWhale

    Papastavrou, Vassili.

    Describes whales, dolphins, seals, and other marine mammals, their habitats, means of communication, and family life.

  • Field guide to the birds of North AmericaField guide to the birds of North America

    National Geographic.

  • Guide to marine mammals of the worldGuide to marine mammals of the world

    Reeves, Randall.

    Covers 120 species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, and sea lions. Information about each species covers every aspect of the animal's anatomy, life cycle, and behavior. The guide delineates evolution, worldwide population, migratory routes, and habitats, and describes feeding habits, vocalizations, social organization, surface behavior, and threats to and chances for survival. The text for each animal is accompanied by up to three richly detailed full-color paintings by marine artist Pieter Folkens, full-color photographs illustrating typical behavior, and a map indicating the species' range and migration. Additional maps give water temperatures, ocean currents, and ocean floor geography. "Watching" guidelines include identification techniques, where and when to go, and how to deal with a stranded animal.

  • Whales and other marine mammals of California and BajaWhales and other marine mammals of California and Baja

    Eder, Tamara, 1974-

  • The handy ocean answer bookThe handy ocean answer book

    Svarney, Thomas E.

  • Saving the gray whaleSaving the gray whale : people, politics, and conservation in Baja California

    Dedina, Serge, 1964-

  • The wreck of the whaleship EssexThe wreck of the whaleship Essex : a narrative account

    Chase, Owen.

  • The forgotten peninsulaThe forgotten peninsula : a naturalist in Baja California

    Krutch, Joseph Wood, 1893-1970.

  • Gulls, a guide to identificationGulls, a guide to identification

    Grant, P. J. (Peter James)

  • Seabirds, an identification guideSeabirds, an identification guide

    Harrison, Peter, 1946 Oct. 16-

  • The scrimshanderThe scrimshander

    Gilkerson, William.

    Text and illustrations introduce the history and techniques of whale ivory carving and engraving. Includes contemporary examples of scrimshaw and discusses the future of this art form.

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